To foster good family relationships and to perpetuate the ideals and goals as set forth by our forefathers. The recreational motivational reunion is for both youth and parents in an attempt to bring the family closer together.  We are blessed recipients of the sacrifices and work of our ancestors.

To lead family reunion committees by promoting excellence to families and the public nationwide; To build family memberships and plan, promote public relations program, Family Reunion Celebration is a three-day enriching event that is recognized as the most significant family activity we have to connect with seldom-seen family members, meet new ones and celebrate our heritage.

This activity, like clockwork, takes place every year on the 3rd Sunday of August this for the purpose of keeping our extended family closer together. One of the most important family reunion functions is to assemble the survivors of grandparents, great-grandparents and upmost senior members for a meal, some recreation, and discussion.


We will:

  • Research family histories

  • Gather photographs

  • Keep journals

  • Write individual and family histories

  • Establish and maintain communications with our extended

  • Family by maintaining a web site

  • Send a family newsletter

  • Organize Travel and Tours

  • Organize other family activities we deem appropriate

The reunion shall derive all of its support from family registration fees, contributions, fundraisers, and charitable donations.



To provide a safe, nurturing, organized, and instructive environment for young people of both sexes to play and learn the games of football baseball/softball and basketball and sportsmanship in general


This mission is to prevent and reduce homeless through advocacy housing job training and employment and through working in partnership with the community. We will target unemployed homeless and low income prioritizing family members veterans and ex-offenders


LFO's mission is to protect our children from substance abuse It occurs in all types of families, regardless of education, income, family structure or community. LFO feels that by assisting parents together we can help raise children who will stay of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. LFO recognizes one significant factor that makes a difference. Parents' involvement in the lives of their children. eating dinner together, helping with homework, coaching games, etc. will help ensure that children are at far less risk

Proud to be a LeGrand 


At Family Evening Banquet, you always learn something new, no matter how old you are! Having some time just to be with your family means that inevitably you'll wind up hearing and telling each other stories, ones that might otherwise go unsaid.


Our children learn from our habits, and whether you're a parent, an aunt, an uncle, or a cousin to a young child, you are modeling the importance of family ties to a younger generation that attends a family reunion.  Having fun with your family is the perfect way to remind children that no matter what happens in their lives, they will always have a loving, supportive network of family members to lean on.




God's word is spiritual food! We need it to be spiritually healthy! Skipping breakfast is bad for our physical health; skipping time in God's word is bad for our spiritual health. So eat your breakfast and spend time with God daily; Its good for you!


830 East 6th Street, Plainfield, NJ 07062

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(908) 966-3413

(908) 834-0926

830 East 6th Street, Plainfield, NJ 07062

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